Wray, CO

Welcome to Camelot Camel Dairy, family-run camel dairy.  Our camels live on 35 acres of gorgeous pasture land in Wray, Colorado about 3 hours east of Denver.  Our milk is safety- tested and has a smooth buttery taste.​

Camelot Camel Dairy and milk production plant was licensed in November 2014 by Kyle Hendrix. Our milk is regularly safety-tested with top-notch results, and we test our animals for TB and Brucellosis.

Meet the



Kyle Hendrix is the owner of Camelot Camel Dairy.  Kyle has a wife and four children who love to help on the farm.  Raised on a cattle farm, Kyle’s passion for dairy production naturally grew as he was responsible for overseeing thousands of cows.


Kyle always had an eye for new ventures, so in April 2013, he assumed a herd of camels.  We are grateful for Kyle's hard work and caring love for the all the animals.

  Pasteurization Process

The Lili pasteurizer is a Low Input- Low Impact system is gentle on the milk, resulting in a safe and delicious pasteurized product that can be sold on its own or used in various dairy products.The Lili pasteurizer completely maintains the natural nutritional value and delicious fresh flavor of camel milk.

Herd Health

Camelot Camel Dairy tests the milking herd every 3 years for Tuberculosis and Brucellosis. Our herd is also tested monthly for Somatic Cell Count, Listeria, E coli O157, Salmonella and Campylobacter and coliforms at a certified food safety lab. Camels must be routinely wormed, and we obtain fecal samples to check on our parasite levels. We use no antibiotics or hormones in our milking herd.

Our operation has now included organic practices, as well as non gmo, soy and gluten free (NO corn).

The Camel Milk Co.

Denver, CO