The Camel Milk Co.

Founded by Ryan and Lauren in 2015 after Ryan had a conversation with a group of East African elders. He asked them, "What do you miss most about East Africa that you don't have in the USA?"

They answered with a resounding "Caano Geel" (Camel Milk)!  


They taught us about the mysterious power of Camel Milk within nomadic cultures. We were so inspired by its history, convinced of its superior nutritional value, and believed in it's life-giving health benefits that we started The Camel Milk Co.


Camel Milk has sustained and healed people around the world for over a millennia. Our desire is to grace every fridge in America with fresh camel milk from our farm!  

We love serving our customers and their families, who are truly in need of a healthier milk.

We provide the best-tasting, safest, and quality-controlled camel milk in the USA.

We want everyone to be blessed with better health and happier families!  

The Camel Milk Co.

Denver, CO